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The Intersection of Race & Feminism

an online course

Dates TBA

feminism only works when all women benefit

What Happens When
Race & Feminism Collide?

Feminism and race have clashed since before the concept of feminism was even defined. White women are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor, and there isn’t much training on how to deal with this conflict mentally, emotionally, or practically. This course covers a brief history of feminism and racism, how a movement clashes with an institution, and what women can do to reconcile the divide.

Examine your personal beliefs, define key concepts, and discusse racism as a system and feminism as a movement. Talking about race is difficult for most people because you don’t want to say the wrong thing, admit what you don’t know, or share a belief you think is unpopular. So as part of this series, we help alleviate that anxiety with downloadable meditations that you can use outside of class.

Get Honest Answers to Questions You Were Afraid to Ask 


Sacil Armstrong, thank you for creating this safe space. Thank you even more for being vulnerable and for taking the time & energy to educate us. I am realizing I have so much to learn and unlearn, but I am keeping my heart open to all that is shared here.



You have made this a safe place. I have tried taking classes but other attendees yell or put down people if they don’t get it fast enough. I have a brain injury so sometimes it takes me longer or I have to rephrase something so I can get it in my head.

I haven’t found a safe place to ask questions and trust the answers given. But I trust you and have seen how you guide.


Session Topics

Identity & Perception

How do you self-identify? What do you assume about people of other races?


Let’s get clear on terminology so we’re all using words the same way.

Privilege & Intersectionality

What is privilege? Who has it? Can you have it and not know it? Can you reject it?

Recognizing Racism Among Women

Explore the racism in real life situations.

Inequality by the Numbers

Check out data that shows the lasting effects of racism among women.

Media Portrayals of Women & Race

When and where do you notice racism in the media?

How Inclusive is Your Community?

Grade your community on its inclusivity in various areas.

What Will You Do?

Figure out where and how you will make a difference.

Is This For You?

If you’re white and you feel like it’s so hard to be an ally to black women, then this workshop is for you. If you’re a woman of color and you can’t figure out how to tell white women why you’re angry or disappointed in a way they can understand, this workshop is for you, too. You will be challenged because this shit is hard. However, everyone will give and receive respect, and if you have an open heart and mind, you will be changed.


What if I'm afraid to talk about race or feminism?

You know what? So is almost everybody else! That means we really need to learn how to speak consciously, from the heart, and armed with facts. For that we need training, awareness of our own biases, and the ability to see another’s point of view. That’s why I’m offering this course!

What if I unintentionally say something racist or sexist?

Then you’ll be called in, not called out.  That means that as the facilitator, I will focus on the comment, not the commenter. I will clarify with you what was said and what was intended. Then, I’ll explain why the comment was offensive, and invite discussion from the group so everyone can learn from it. We can talk about hard topics without making people feel bad.

I'm not white. Why should I take a course on racism?

Learning to talk about race and racism is not just a white thing! Having personal experience with racism doesn’t mean we know how to have effective discussions about race with non-black people. Join us and add to the discussion!

I'm not a woman. Why should I take a course on feminism?

Feminism is not only for women. If you believe that men and women should be treated equally – equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity for advancement, equal maternity/paternity leave, equal body autonomy, etc., then you’re a feminist. If you want to explore how that impacts race and racism, then join us! 

How do your live courses work?

We use the Zoom app so we can see each other.  You can download it to your computer or phone. I will send you the link to the classroom as part of the syllabus. You can  sign up for Zoom online here and download the Zoom app fo your phone at the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store.

How often will we meet?

This course meets every two weeks for an hour and a half.

Is this just a discussion?

Nope! There’s no way to cover everything in this class in 12 hours of discussion. You will be required to listen to podcasts, read articles, pay attention to your daily life, and give serious thought to your community and what you will do differently.

Luckily, the resources I have gathered are interesting and you have two weeks between classes to prepare!

No Blame. No Shame. No Guilt.

That’s how I teach my classes. Blame, shame, and guilt waste time and energy that we need to do the work in class.  So I’ll provide a few audio meditations to help you work on those feelings outside of class.

We didn’t create America’s racist or sexist system, but we’re the only ones who can do something about it.

The Intersection of Race & Feminism

Being both the oppressed and the oppressor puts white women in a unique position. The skills that help her survive with white men put her at odds with women of color and damages the partnership to fight feminism. Join me for an overview of how racism consistently derails the feminist movement & what you can do about it.


Dates TBA

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This live online workshop includes:

  • 7 live meetings that are 1-1/2 hours each
  • An open, honest, and respectful atmosphere
  • Syllabus with links to most homework assignments so you can work ahead, if necessary
  • 2 audio meditations on race & feminism
  • Answers to your awkward questions on race
  • Handouts (downloads)
  • Enrollment in a secret Facebook group where you can chat with others who have been through the course, find agendas and homework assignments, and post homework if you miss class
  • Recommended reading list
  • Suggested movie list
  • Certificate for completing the class and returning the course satisfaction survey

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