Terms of Service

Facilitation Services

Terms for Facilitation services are done by contract, based on client needs. After a consultation by phone or in person, we will agree on terms, which will be emailed if you decide to book services.

Online Learning

Live classes must be paid in full before course begins unless a payment schedule is offered. Courses require time commitments for participation during live program and homework between classes. Most assignments will be provided on the syllabus at the start of the course with links and downloadable items.

Intuitive Services

Terms for Intuitive services are done by contract based on client needs. After a Clarity Call of up to 45 minutes, I will recommend a plan and then we can discuss fees.



Facilitation Services

Terms for possible refunds for services are spelled out in the contract.

Intuitive Services

A contract may be broken by either party, but there are no refunds for services already rendered.

Online Courses

I’ve seen my students get results over and over, so I’m proud to stand behind my content. Your satisfaction is important to me, which is why I offer a 15-day refund period for all of my self-paced programs.

Please note that this guarantee is conditional based on your efforts. If you ask for your money back, you will be required to fill out a form to show that you completed the course content and implemented the strategies.

If you can show that you made a true effort but did not achieve results, I will gladly refund you. Otherwise, the guarantee is voided. You can’t get results from something you don’t do.

By using and/or purchasing any of our Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials, you understand and agree to this refund policy. If you’ve read and understand this refund policy and would like to request a refund, please email me at get.real [at] sacilarmstrong [dot] com, and I’ll be happy to send you the form for your course(s).