If you haven’t tried the Emotional Freedom Technique commonly referred to as Tapping, I highly recommend it. There’s a 10-day online summit hosted by brother and sister Nick and Jessica Ortner, who are huge names in the tapping world, going on right now. It’s on day 3, and I apologize for not posting earlier, but if you sign up and listen today before 8pm EST, you can hear today’s lessons and be ready for day 4.

There’s an intro to tapping video available every day. Each day includes a short 10-15 minute tapping session and 2 lessons by experts in the field. Each presenter focuses on a different topic. Today’s lessons focus on Using Tapping to Understand and Shift Our Core Beliefs. I listened to both last night and Abiola Abrams and Brad Yates both said several things that struck a chord with me.

I have used tapping in the past and received amazing results. Doing it in combination with meditation raised my energy. The science research into the changes that happen to your brain when you tap convinced me that this is something I need to take up again. Tapping on your meridians actually changes your brain. It doesn’t happen overnight, but there is evidence that you can increase the sizes of the parts of your brain that make you more resilient and shrink the parts of your brain that make you more fearful.

And I can attest to the difference in the way I go through my day when I tap first thing in the morning versus when I don’t. The same thing goes for meditation. When I consciously choose to have a better day first thing in the morning, I do! Even when stuff I don’t want happens. I shrug it off more easily and keep it moving.

So click on the logo or here to go to the 12th Annual Tapping World Summit registration page and give tapping a try!

Then leave a comment. Tell me what you think about tapping. Have you tried it before? Does it work for you? Do you like it better than meditation? Some people need the movement to stay focused, so this might be a better fit. On days when I can’t be still, tapping is a much better choice than forcing myself to do traditional meditation.


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