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student responsibilities

No Blame. No Shame. No Guilt.

That’s how I lead my courses. Blame, shame, and guilt waste time and energy that we need in class to undo our conditioning. That's not to say you won't feel those emotions. It does mean that I'm not blaming white people living today for creating the racist system that we live under. However, it is your responsibility to recognize that it exists and work to undo it. Be Brave. Get Engaged.

For most courses, I provide a tailored audio meditation to help you release those feelings outside of class.

We didn’t create the systems that sustain the power structure, but we are responsible to undo the damage. Here are your responsibilities as a student in my course:


Whether we’re discussing racism, feminism, ableism, some other ism or allyship, I will present facts about history that aren’t being taught in most American public schools. Listen and ask questions.


We don't live in a vaccuum. Our collective history affects our beliefs and behaviors today. Just because a law was passed or an era has ended doesn’t mean everything is good. Community-wide behavior change takes a while, even when the majority support it. We are dealing with consequences from decisions and actions hundreds of years ago.


Racism and other isms can be subtle. You've been trained to not see it. Learn to stop overlooking your own conditioning, privilege, and prejudiced actions as well as those of others.


Knowledge without action is useless, so stand up for yourself and marginalized communities. Be Brave. Get Engaged. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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