With the country in chaos, people wondering about their jobs, their health, their homes, providing for their families, how to take care of their kids with schools being closed – it’s no wonder people are feeling stressed! As the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 rises to nearly 50,000, we would normally look to federal government leaders for comfort. But if you’ve watched any of the “news conferences,” you know it’s more disinformation and opportunity for the occupant of the White House to receive his daily dose of flattery.

But there are points of light. Most governors are taking this seriously. They are taking extreme measures to slow the spread of the disease. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has been instrumental in getting testing done as rapidly as possible, creating partnerships with community organizations to produce PPE, and begin trials of a possible treatment. He’s appeared daily on TV to calmly give updates on the numbers in New York, speak on behalf of the National Governors Association (He’s the Vice Chair), tell people what we need to do to be safe, encourage calm and restraint (stock up but don’t hoard, work with your neighbors and family to reduce trips to the store), and remind everyone that we’re in this together by sharing stories of what’s happening with his own family and friends. If you haven’t watched him, check him out. He’s usually on around 11 a.m. ET, I think. I watch him on YouTube.

Teachers have been phenomenal with checking on families and getting food to the families that need it during the school closings. They’re telling parents that their children’s mental health is more important than their academic learning at this point, and reminding them that once we’re all together again, they will catch up to where they need to be if they fall behind. Governor Northam of Virginia said that students on track to graduate will graduate. They may not get to walk across the stage, but they’ll earn their diplomas.

Look for the stories of unsung heroes. Trust the people who are acting in the best interest of the community, the ones who are filling the leadership void left by the federal government. They are doing the best they can with what they have, and we need to do the same. That means social distancing but not staying indoors. Please at least go in the yard to get some sun! It means washing our hands up to our wrists in hot water for 20 seconds, eating well, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and giving your mind and spirit down time.

Do something fun! Draw, play a game, fix a puzzle, play a game with friends on Zoom or Skype. Dice games are easy to play online because you don’t have to worry about having the same deck of cards. Play Scrabble with friends or Phase 10 by connecting your phones. There are lots of ways to play without being face-to-face.

People are skyping, zooming, and face-timing more. Twitter is LIT! Facebook is humming! I’m personally staying off them as much as I can because it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex, and I want to control my emotions instead of them controlling me. I look for positive stories. Manufacturers are offering to build hospital beds, laid off costumers and seamstresses are sewing PPE for hospitals, healthy people are grocery shopping for others and leaving bags and boxes on stoops so others don’t have to go out.

And I fit in where I can. I’m better on the internet. My Bite-Sized Meditations are created with the intent to help people pause for a few minutes each day to intentionally rest their minds and bodies. Just pausing to breathe correctly for a few minutes can reduce your blood pressure, give your adrenal glands a rest, and let your emotions flow without fighting them. It can be a sweet release. And when it becomes a habit, your body enters that state more quickly.

And for people ready to use their isolation to get some heavy-duty studying on, my meditation courses are almost ready for launch –

  • 30-Day Challenge, where you learn in bite-sized steps, starting with one minute and working your way up to 30. You’ll learn something new each day!
  • Crystal and Chakra Meditation course where you’ll learn how chakras and crystals can enhance your meditation practice

How are you handling the self-quarantine? What are you doing for fun? How are you connecting with others in new ways? Leave a comment!

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