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Practical Steps to Fighting Racism

If you’re:
• angry after the strangling death of George Floyd
• have mixed feelings about the protests
• confused why this movement has caught on around the world
and you want to feel better, get some clarity, and understand, then you have a choice.

You can read all you can, watch the news (knowing it’s biased because all the media in the U.S. is controlled by just 5 companies), look for Black voices to follow and try to figure it out on your own, knowing that you’re making mistakes, but not knowing what they are. Or you can do some intensive inner work with a professional facilitator and others who are also seeking understanding so you can shift your thinking.

This isn't about white privilege or the Black experience. It's about the racist structure that so many of us don't even see and some don't want to see. This 4-hour intensive gives you facts about how racism was created in America, helps you recognize your own defensiveness so you can overcome it, and gives you practical actions you can take to disrupt the racist system.

Plus, you receive integrated self-care when we pause to check in with our bodies and emotions so we can all stay in learning mode. With nobody blaming you for your color, or shaming you for your ancestry, or guilting you for not knowing, we can get to the business of learning why we think the way we do about race and how we can do better.

Sign up for the free webinar below to get a preview of the shift change you can make during my 4-hour intensive Practical Steps to Fighting Racism.

What you will do during the intensive:
1. Learn the facts. Racism was created.
2. Face yourself. Begin to recognize and deal with your own mental and emotional defenses so you can increase your capacity to fight racism.
3. Adjust your thinking and behavior. Choose some small, targeted actions to take that can have a huge impact.
4. Commit. I will follow up with all students to hold them accountable to the actions they agree to at the end of the course.

This is part of your journey to a lifetime of undoing your programming. I promise that if you do the work, you will see a change. This is not a course on white privilege or understanding the Black experience. This intensive is designed to move you from stress and bewilderment to awakening and empowerment so you can be a change agent to disrupt the system of racism.

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