I’ve been working hard on my upcoming courses – Crystals and Chakra Meditations, 30-Day Meditation Challenge and updating Undoing Racism. I thought about modifying the 30-day challenge to make it a bite-sized course because I want to do something to help people get through the stress of the coronavirus outbreak and the circus and fear surrounding it. But then it hit me, nobody is looking for a class for that, but they are looking for stress relief!

Meditation can help boost your endorphins, which makes you happy. It also creates a sense of calm, which can help boost your immunity. Coming together here with others seeking the same kind of calm is a great way to maintain social contact without risking exposure. So as you watch the videos and listen to the audios, please leave a comment and reply to one another. Let’s make this a community where we all know that we are heard and can receive the comfort the world really needs right now.

I will be doing bite-sized meditations of 5 to 10 minutes five days a week for my supporters. Here’s how it will break down: $2 supporters will have access to 1 meditation per week, that’s 4 meditations a month for just $2! I think that’s a deal. $5 supporters will have access to 3 meditations per week, that’s 12 meditations per month! And $10+ supporters will have access to 5 meditations per week, 20 meditations per month!

As I said, these will be short meditations. I may or may not tie it to the news of the day. Some days may be an audio meditation instead of video. But every day I will be fully present with you for 5 to 10 minutes to help you get centered and maintain your equilibrium. If you know anyone else who could use help staying calm, send them my way! Be safe out there.

Fierce Love!

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