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Why Live Online?

Go through the lessons with a group

Some things are easy to learn on your own. Other things like anti-racism training, are best done in a group with an experienced facilitator.


Regular live discussions about the material

See each other using the Zoom app for face-to-face discussios. Practice having the discussions that scare you. Hear other people’s thoughts and feelings on the same topic. Dive deeper than the reading.

You feel accountable to others to finish

When you work in an interactive group, you’re more likely to finish the course.

Opinions and feedback from students not in your area

Online cohorts can be from anywhere! Learning how other communities with different racial makeups and different histories deal with various aspects of racism, sexism, ableism, etc. can spark ideas for how you can make a difference.

Recognize you are not alone

Part of the reason for not talking about tough topics is feeling like you’re alone and not wanting to be embarrased. If we’re all here for the same reason, then you know you aren’t alone in needing to learn more.

I'm So Over Racism

Racism is a system, not personal behavior. Understand how the system works, and then get real about how you can be the change you want to see in the world.

The Intersection of Race & Feminism

White women are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor, and there isn’t much training on how to deal with this conflict emotionally or practically. Let’s talk about what happens when the feminist movement clashes with the system of racism.

Being an Effective Ally

Being an ally is way more than just being nice to someone from a minority group you don’t belong to. Before you decide a group is hard to work with or get angry when they don’t accept your help, find out if what you’re doing is actually helpful.