I have been so hardheaded lately. I’ve been trying to do things on my own, ignoring Spirit because I want things to go the way I want them to go. And I know that’s not how the world works, but hey, I’m human. 

So I finally stopped with my tantrum and just accepted that I have a calling and I will do what I need to. And things are just falling into place again. So many of my business teachers have pointed out that things happen for me when I leave the house. I meet people who understand my message, who are into service and uplifting people, who can help me as I support them in business.

Today (after I told Spirit that I give up resisting), I met Macklyn Mosley. He was wearing the t-shirt you see in the photo, BREAKING STEREOTYPES DAILY. The short story is he’s special ordering one for me in purple and I will interview him for this blog so you all can meet him. Kindred Spirits! 

The Universe smiled on me today because I stopped relying on myself and recognized a higher power. (And please excuse my no lip gloss barefaced look. I had been out for hours and I had NOTHING for my lips! I was craving Chapstick or something!)


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