Y’all have heard me talk about letting go of the how things will work out and focusing on the next step. You also know I struggle with it. I want to know HOW I’m getting through the next 10 steps! But I keep getting this message over and over and over lately. You only see what you need to do your next step. Even if you think you know how things will work out, you can get sidetracked.

This video right here is that. Courtney Timmons didn’t know how she was going to be a part of American Idol. She found out about the trials at the last minute. But she showed up. She just waited. She wasn’t in anybody’s face. She just waited patiently for an opportunity just to sing. 

Ryan Seacrest spoke to her and on a whim, invited her upstairs to see if the judges would listen. They did. And WOW!!!! Courtney got a golden ticket to Hollywood!

So this is another message for me that I’m sharing with y’all. Don’t worry about how. Just do the next thing you know to do that’s in the direction you want to go. The only thing Courtney could do was go to the location and wait. And SHE’S GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!!

What’s the next step for your goal?

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