The media is trying to play us. They are hyping everything about the election and only two states have had a caucus or a primary. NOTHING is decided, yet. Ignore the polls. Nobody is out of the race until THEY announce they are out of the race, and almost anybody is better than trump!

I say almost because even though I say in the video below that I would vote for Bloomberg even though he wouldn’t be good for black and brown people, I don’t know if I would. He’s really the same, but more socially acceptable.

  • He didn’t apologize to the Exonerated 5 when given the chance.
  • He doesn’t see trans rights as human rights.
  • He’s a blatant racist that has a proven record of using his power to hurt people.
  • He believes that because he’s rich, he should have a say in poor people’s lives.
  • Rather arguing for fair wages and raising taxes on the wealthy, he argued for taxing the poor for their own good.
  • He used prison labor to make campaign calls in the beginning.
  • And he really tried to justify the income inequality that is destabilizing the country. He’s disgusting.

But I like his ads and I think they will drive trump crazy. I love his charity, especially paying the entire US portion of the Climate Accord. However, the money he has spent to campaign could have ended homelessness, or fed every child school lunch for a few years, reinstated and expanded Meals on Wheels. Instead he’s buying his way into an election that he’s not really campaigning for, hasn’t been vetted by the media, and got the DNC to change the debate rules so he can participate in the next one when they wouldn’t relax the rules to allow the Black and Latino candidates to participate in previous debates.

Yeah, the only way I won’t vote is if Bloomberg is the nominee. 

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