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This is a space for healing through discussion about racism, sexism, and other ways that we tend to divide ourselves and piss each other off. But we’re not doing it to argue. We’re really getting down to doing the work of understanding each other, giving each other the grace we would want, and figuring out how what we’ve been taught was designed for some pretty big reasons that aren’t in our best interests – to keep us confused and fearful, separated from each other, and from claiming our power.

This is both safe space and a brave space. We speak our truths and ask awkward questions (respectfully), and get real, honest responses that most people won’t say out loud (respectfully). Talking about race is hard, but I’m not interested in getting a rise out of people; I’m interested *arise* out of people. My students & I are a community. We’re engaged in the work to end racism. 

You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed with the hate you see on TV, or guilty for not knowing what to say when you see someone in-person being hateful, or confused about whether you should stand up for someone else or if that would be crossing a boundary.

That’s why our class motto is no blame, no shame, no guilt. It doesn’t mean that you won’t feel those emotions. It does mean that as your facilitator, I’m not going to blame, shame, or guilt you. We don’t indulge those emotions in class because they can quickly get out of hand and take the focus away from learning. And what we’re learning is revolutionary!

Imagine how your life and the lives of those around you will change once you have the skills to become antiracist! Having that knowledge and confidence is totally worth working through any personal shame so you can focus, right? Yeah, I know so.

I’ve been doing this work in one way or another for more than 20 years. Really listening and saying the hard parts out loud is how we challenge the system and change our society. Social systems depend on our agreement in order to continue. So if we don’t agree, we’re obligated to change it. And we can’t change it without acknowledging it, learning how and why it was built, and then learning the skills to undo it.

As an award-winning facilitator and community program creator, I know how to reach you where you are. As a teacher with the gift of intuition, I get the best out of my students who put in the work.

These are the areas I focus on:

  • intersectionality
  • inclusion
  • race & American history
  • institutional privilege & power dynamics
  • changing social imbalance
  • respecting life

Serious topics, but my students and I have a great time. Didn’t think you could laugh and dance while discussing race, disabilities, and sexism? Think again!

If you’re ready to check yourself (and not just a box to say you did something), please leave your shoes, ego, and complacency at the door and come on in. I’m so glad you’re here.

Sacil Armstrong

PS – This is what I know. If you fight hate with hate, hate always wins. A friend described me as loving hard and taking no shit! If you’re down with that, the door is open!

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Sacil Armstrong

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