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A few words about us

Sacil Armstrong

Self-Care & Social Justice Facilitator

Systemic racism is inseparable from America’s foundation. If we are going to heal our racial trauma, we must be honest about our history. Too many of us don’t know what really happened or understand how it affects all aspects of today’s society. It’s on us to learn and then end systemic oppression. Anything less continues the cycle of denial and damage.

For more than 20 years, I’ve convinced people from very different backgrounds to come together for common causes. As a facilitator, I bring facts and help you consider different viewpoints. In my courses and on my blog, we uncover how American myths harm us all and how the truth is deliberately hidden from most of us. We talk about why people are racist, how to stop racism, and our responsibility end systemic oppression. We discuss how to be an ally.

Through it all, we integrate self-care to reduce defensiveness, process uncomfortable emotions, and come up with real doable actions that are personal to you. Self-care creates the capacity be brave, love yourself, and heal your community.

As an award-winning facilitator and community program creator, my goal is to help participants connect with information and each other in ways that transform your thinking and behavior. As a teacher with the gift of intuition, I tune in to what each class or organization needs. If you're tired of:

• wondering what’s wrong with saying “All lives matter”
• being afraid of hurting someone unintentionally
• not understanding why good intentions aren't enough

Or you're ready to fight racism and other isms, but you aren't sure how, join me because we’ve got work to undo!

I specialize in:
systemic racism
power dynamics
race & American history
speaking truth to power

privilege & inequality
small changes making huge impacts
getting people of diverse backgrounds to work together

Serious topics, but we have fun! If you’re ready to check yourself (and not just a box to say you attended training), leave your shoes, ego, and complacency at the door because we’ve got work to undo.

PS – This is what I know. If you fight hate with hate, hate always wins. This is why I integrate self-care. Ready to know more? Click the orange button above for my blog, Calm in the Chaos, or click the social media buttons below.


  • Janice Stickles
    I had fun today laughing while learning. Seems like I’m borderline irreverent describing a webinar about fighting racism as having fun.
    Janice Stickles
  • Rachel Perry
    I really enjoyed your approach and delivery. I was admittedly skeptical because I previously worked in EEO/Diversity for over 25-years and thought it was going to be another diversity-based webinar; it turned out to be the opposite (in a good way)!. You were able to connect with everyone and provide a safe space for sharing. You approached everything with an open-heart and that created trust among participants and most important- you made sure everyone was included. Your webinar and unique style of delivery was a breath of fresh air for me. I told my 3 kids (18, 26, & 27) and my dad and we are all fans of your coaching :)
    Rachel Perry
  • Anne Millehan
    I recently attended a presentation workshop on "Talking about Racism" with Sacil Armstrong. I can't say enough about how moving and informative it was. She has a way of presenting this injustice in a way that speaks to everyone in her audience. I walked away with a new way of thinking and acting against Racism. Positive actions speak louder than words, and trying to understand before being understood helps us all to have equity in this world not just diversity.
    Anne Millehan
    Millehan Coaching & Consulting
  • Laura
    I just LOVE the Anti-Racism for Women Entrepreneurs class. I feel totally save to ask Sacil any questions I think of and know that she will be honest with me and help me actually make change in the world of Illustration and online business. I've been able to have real and honest conversations with my clients to make sure I'm meeting their needs. I've given more thought to where I market my business, who I partner with and what I draw. I used to be scared to take leadership roles, go on podcasts run by people of color or draw people of color because I didn't want to offend anyone. Now I feel confident in knowing I can be of service and learn along the way without the fear of failure. We are all in this together and it's an exciting journey ahead!
  • Laura
    Taking the Anti-Racism for Women Entrepreneurs course continued to make huge impacts for me even after each class! The amount of confidence I feel now that I know basic terminology and history has helped me stand up for others whether its a conversation with my family members or a business meeting. I know I can call out racist comments and have historical information to back it up. I'm no longer afraid of offending, instead I feel completely empowered to do more for social justice in the way I talk with my kids, interact in my community, work with my clients and point out inequality and racism.
  • Jane
    I am currently working on Techniques to Tame Your Anxiety. There is lots of helpful information, several worksheets and links to help determine your anxiety triggers and stress level, and audio and video links where Sacil leads you in breathing and meditation techniques. The sessions are well organized and detailed, and I am finding them very useful additions to my toolbox in my struggle with anxiety and depression. Sacil's warm, kind energy in the audio and video sessions have been particularly helpful! I have them saved so that I can pull them back up to work with whenever I need them. I highly recommend this course!
  • Nels
    Honest. Sincere. Capable, wanting, and willing to help. That's Sacil. She said she could help me get rid of my sense of discomfort, of not being myself, and thereby the pain. In no more than thirty minutes, she talked me through my anxiety, helped me identify the source of it, and left me feeling like the real “me". I trust her. So should you.
  • Susan
    Sacil has a kind and welcoming energy which allows anyone to feel at home and taken care of. [Techniques to Tame Your Anxiety] is well-prepared and researched with many links to helpful articles and benefits of various stress reduction modalities. I love especially the audio guided meditations and practices. Even as a long term meditator and yoga practitioner there is always something new to learn and revisit. The tapping is especially appreciated in times of stress and works immediately.
  • Lisa
    These are extremely important discussions to have and thank you for being here and doing the work you do. We are stronger, not only when we unite, but when we listen to each other and learn from one another through our experiences.
  • Jennifer
    You are an amazing and powerful force for change and healing!
  • Ella
    I'm thankful for your presence and the process of becoming more immediately awakened to the INTERNALIZED institutional racism that pervades our culture. every day I wake up and try to pay attention, learn, listen and act. It is so much better to come down off the cross, acknowledge our mistakes, growth, and changes. Retreating into a defensive posture creates nothing but more anger, fear, and brittleness.
  • Bernadette
    I know this is a community of contributors, but my god, you're doing some priceless, badass leading and I am grateful for all your efforts. Thank you. xoxo
  • Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
    You are doing such amazing work. Just want to say thanks for being so damn brave.
Calm in the Chaos