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Come on in, we’ve got work to undo

Oh, and don’t worry about closing the door behind you, because around here we like things open—doors, discussions, minds.

This will be your undoing; your chance to dismantle and rebuild what you’ve learned (or lived) about racism, privilege & inequality. And we do it without shaming, blaming, or guilting you. We know those emotions get in the way of learning, and we’ve got work to undo. 

Be Brave. Get Engaged. End Racism.

Current Courses

Together we can hold space for hard things. Because active listening is a prerequisite to activism, and sitting down together is the first step to standing up against exclusion, injustice, and prejudice.

Undoing Racism

It’s time to get real about what your core beliefs and biases are, where they came from, and how the hell you can start healing from them.

Brave Sisterhood

White women: you are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor. This is training for how to deal with this conflict mentally, emotionally, and practically.

Being An Effective Ally

Learn the skills to be a true ally. And yes, it involves more than just being nice to minority groups that you don’t belong to.

Not quite ready for a course? Check out my blog, Undoing for bite-sized pieces of info on self-care and social justice.

Hi, I’m Sacil Armstrong

I’m not interested in getting a rise out of people, I’m interested in getting *arise* out of people—leading hard, healing discussions so we can all challenge the system and influence our communities to do the same. I have the heart of a teacher, the background of a Marketing Director in the nonprofit sector, the expertise of an award-winning program creator, the gift of intuition, and a passion to help people discover how their enlightenment can pierce the darkness. With a penchant for candor and empathy—and 20 years of experience—my training sweet spots are: intersectionality, inclusion, race & American history, institutional privilege & power dynamics, changing the current social imbalance, and respecting life. 

Didn’t think you could laugh & dance while discussing race, disabilities, and sexism? Think again.

So if you’re ready to check yourself
(and not just a box to say you did something),
please leave your shoes, ego & complacency
at the door, and come on in!
I’m so glad you’re here.


“You are doing such amazing work.
Just want to say thanks for being so damn brave.”

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin


I know this is a community of contributors, but my god, you’re doing some priceless, badass leading and I am am grateful for all your efforts. Thank you. xoxo



I’m thankful for your presence and the process of becoming more immediately awakened to the INTERNALIZED
institutional racism that pervades our culture. every day I wake up and try to pay attention, learn, listen and act.

It is so much better to come down off the cross, acknowledge our mistakes, growth, and changes. Retreating into a defensive posture creates nothing but more anger, fear, and brittleness.



I learned a lot!
You are an amazing and powerful force for change and healing!



These are extremely important discussions to have and thank you for being here and doing the work you do. We are stronger, not only when we unite, but when we listen to each other and learn from one another through our experiences.



Sacil has a kind and welcoming energy which allows anyone to feel at home and taken care of . [Techniques to Tame Your Anxiety] is well-prepared and researched with many links to helpful articles and benefits of various stress reduction modalities. I love especially the audio guided meditations and practices.

Even as a long term meditator and yoga practitioner there is always something new to learn and revisit. The tapping is especially appreciated in times of stress and works immediately. 



Honest. Sincere. Capable, wanting, and willing to help. That’s Sacil.
She said 
she could help me get rid of my sense of discomfort, of not being myself, and thereby the pain. In no more than thirty minutes, she talked me through my anxiety, helped me identify the source of it, and left me feeling like the real “me”.
I trust her. So should you.

-Nels A


I am currently working on Techniques to Tame Your Anxiety. There is lots of helpful information, several worksheets and links to help determine your anxiety triggers and stress level, and audio and video links where Sacil leads you in breathing and meditation techniques. The sessions are well organized and detailed, and I am finding them very useful additions to my toolbox in my struggle with anxiety and depression. Sacil’s warm, kind energy in the audio and video sessions have been particularly helpful! I have them saved so that I can pull them back up to work with whenever I need them. I highly recommend this course!


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