Let's undo this!


  • to make easier or less difficult
  • help forward (an action, a process, etc.)
  • to assist the progress of (a person)

social justice

  • having respect, empathy, understanding, and connection with people similar to and different from you
  • recognizing how power and privilege influence relationships and institutions
  • standing up to exclusion, injustice, and prejudice individually and collectively.

get real about what matters

Social Justice

Social Justice is often treated like something only “powerful” people can do. But we all have privilege that can help those less fortunate, whether we admit it or not.

My students are ready to:

  • unlearn things they’ve been taught
  • see their privilege & admit their biases
  • understand true American history and how it informs the present
  • recognize ways in which other people don’t have power
  • practice active listening
  • connect with people who don’t seem like them

If you’re ready, let’s get real.


I have more than 20 years of experience getting the most out of groups with wildly different personalities, backgrounds, and skill levels. Because people from around the country participate in my courses, we often have differing points of view and we definitely have varied experiences when it comes to race, racism, racial justice, and social justice. But that means our discussions aren’t boring!

You’ll notice a theme of respect and honesty in the testimonials, especially during the tough discussions. When people speak honestly and truthfully, change happens. I’ve seen it. And I love to help move that process forward.

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be the change you want to see in the world

I’m So Over Racism

Get honest answers to awkward questions, get real about your own biases, and learn what you can do to change things.

Intuitive Coaching

Get guidance to find answers and remove obstacles from your life’s journey. Receive support as you release what’s not for
your highest  good.

Chill Out Challenge

Take one small step each day for 30 days to begin or restart a meditation practice.

No Blame. No Shame. No Guilt.

That’s how I facilitate my classes. Blame, shame, and guilt waste time and energy that we need to do social justice work in class.  For most courses, I provide a few tailored audio meditations to help you release those feelings outside of class.

We didn’t create the systems that sustain the power structure, but we are responsible to undo the damage. Here are your responsibilities as a student in my class:

  • LEARN whether we’re discussing racism, feminism, ableism, some other ism or allyship, I will present facts about history that aren’t being taught in most American public schools.
  • UNDERSTAND how history affects the present. Just because a law was passed or an era has ended doesn’t mean everything is good. Community-wide behavior change takes a while, even when the majority support it. We are dealing with consequences from decisions and actions hundreds of years ago.
  • RECOGNIZE racism and other isms when you see them. Learn to stop overlooking your own prejudiced actions and those of others.
  • DO SOMETHING. Knowledge without action is useless, so stand up for yourself and marginalized communities. Be the change you want to see in the world.

“Thank you for breaking it all down. You bring clarity. Open to listening & learning and oh how I’m learning! Thank you!”


“You are doing such amazing work. Just want to say thanks for being so damn brave.

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

Thank you for leading such an honest and respectful discussion. You’ve created a special place here. I’m grateful.”


Who Benefits from My Courses?

Adults who:

  • recognize a personal responsibility to make the world better
  • don’t have a lot of interaction with people of other races or religions
  • are ready to face their own internal biases
  • feel the global energy shift that’s happening
  • want to put positive energy into the world
  • are committed to personal growth
  • don’t respond well to the “in your face” teaching style
What if I'm afraid to talk about race and other differences?

Most people are. So that means we really need to learn how to do it respectfully and consciously. For that we need the facts, awareness of our own biases, and the ability to see another’s point of view. This course covers those skills.

What if I unintentionally say something racist or sexist?

Then you’ll be called in, not called out.  That means that as the facilitator, I will focus on the comment, not the commenter. I will clarify what was said, explain why the comment is offensive, and invite discussion from the group so everyone can learn from it.

I'm not white. Why should I take a course on racism?

Learning to talk about race and racism is not just a white thing. Having personal experience with racism doesn’t mean we know how to have effective discussions about race with non-black people. Join us and add to the discussion!

How do your live courses work?

 We use the Zoom app so we can see each other.  You can download it to your computer or phone. I will send you the link to the classroom as part of the syllabus. You can  sign up for Zoom online here and download the Zoom app at the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store.

How often will we meet?

Most courses meet every two weeks.

Is this more than a discussion?

Of course! There’s no way to cover everything in this class in 8 hour and a half sessions. You will be required to listen to podcasts, read articles, pay attention to your daily life, and give serious thought to your community and what you will do differently Luckily, the resources I have gathered are interesting and you have two weeks between classes to prepare!

I’m Sacil Armstrong

I have more than 20 years of experience in facilitation, program development, and community relations. I use these skills with my gift of intuition to teach others how to get real about what matters. I’ve successfully led major projects that people thought were hopeless, bringing change to communities. I’ve convinced groups who weren’t on speaking terms to work together and get amazing results.

As politicians and the media focus on blame, lies, and gaslighting, most people don’t have the tools to fight the chaos. It’s easy to get angry and feed into the negativity. But if you fight hate with hate, hate always wins.

Know this. Love is not weakness. Love can be fierce and hard and may even appear uncaring, depending on who’s receiving it. Think of the tough love a parent shows to a child or the love family and friends show during an intervention.

I work with people who are waking up to their own intuition and committed to fighting the chaos. I offer online courses, corporate/group facilitation, and individual and group coaching. I also share awesome meditations and self-care techniques. If you feel the energy shift taking place in the world and you’re ready to push towards love and away from chaos, I’d love to meet you. Check me out on social media for self-care techniques, social justice discussions, and occasional inspiration.

Social Justice Healer

Certified Zentangle Teacher