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online anti racism training integrated with self-care

We are all feeling the stress of just living in 2020. Self-care is a critical skill for us to be able to live with our highest possible level of well-being. So many of us don't really know what it means or how to do it. We're running on empty and hoping we can fall asleep so we can make it through one more day. So I'm offering a guided course to help you figure it out!

Join me for three fun and relaxing 1-hour sessions to figure out what you're already doing well and what you want to improve, how to make your self-talk more positive and rest your mind, and how to make self-care a habit so you can stop feeling overwhelmed so often. Click here to find out more and register. The workshop begins Tuesday, August 25!

Come on in, we've got work to undo!

Oh, and don’t worry about closing the door behind you, because around here we like things open—doors, discussions, minds. We lead anti racism and social justice training, focusing on facts and integrating self-care so that we all actively listen with fewer emotional distractions. This is how we come together and create the world we want.

If you accept this challenge, it will be your undoing; your chance to dismantle and rebuild what you’ve learned (or lived) about racism & anti racism, privilege & inequality, power dynamics, even self-care. Each of us chooses to be anti racist or not several times a day. Understanding how we support or rebel against the system helps us make conscious decisions that change communities. And it doesn’t have to be hard; you don’t have to lead a movement to make real change. Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and vacations. It’s about doing what you need to in order to be healthy – emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, and any other way that helps you live the life you want.

We teach these concepts without shaming, blaming, or guilting you. Those emotions get in the way of learning. We’d rather build you up and teach you how to create a better future with each other because we’ve got work to undo.

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August 21, 2020

Future Blog Posts Will Be On Patreon

Join me on Patreon for future blog posts! Supporters will enjoy a weekly post on racism and followers will get weekly posts on selfcare and current events.
August 11, 2020
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July 30, 2020
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For the first time in 20 years, Oprah isn't on the cover of O. Breonna Taylor has the spotlight in an issue that focuses on antiracism and white supremacy.


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No blame, no shame

I’m not interested in getting a rise out of people, I'm interested in getting *arise* out of people—doing the hard, healing work of anti racism training and helping people increase their emotional capacity so they can handle hard conversations. Explore how social justice, privilege, inequality, education, and power dynamics influence how we live and interact. Learn how racism was built into the founding of America and has been legislated ever since. It’s just invisible if you have the privilege of not living it. And that’s intentional.

I have the heart of a teacher, the background of a public relations specialist in the nonprofit sector, the expertise of an award-winning program creator, the gift of intuition, and a passion to help you discover how you can create a more loving and equitable community.

Even if you're not ready to talk about racism, I'm here to help you expand your emotional capacity - get grounded, learn to breathe correctly, and focus on your highest good.

With a tendency for candor and empathy — and 20+ years of experience as a facilitator — my training sweet spots are:
anti racism training
self-care coaching
increasing emotional resilience to deal with chaos and anxiety
building capacity to handle difficult conversations
privilege & inequality
power dynamics
using small changes to make huge impacts
race & American history
getting people of diverse backgrounds to work together
speaking truth to power


Unlearn the America myth and learn true American history they don’t teach in school. Increase your emotional capacity to have hard conversations.


Racism is a system. We each uphold or challenge it with our actions every day. Controlling your emotions instead of letting them control you helps you learn and get active.


White people are trained not to see our racist system. Pay attention to how you react to new information to make sure you hear the message.

Do Something

Small changes and a little bit of courage can have a huge impact. Breathe deeply, focus, learn, march, speak, pay Black people for their work. Make a difference.


  • Anne Millehan
    I recently attended a presentation workshop on "Talking about Racism" with Sacil Armstrong. I can't say enough about how moving and informative it was. She has a way of presenting this injustice in a way that speaks to everyone in her audience. I walked away with a new way of thinking and acting against Racism. Positive actions speak louder than words, and trying to understand before being understood helps us all to have equity in this world not just diversity.
    Anne Millehan
    Millehan Coaching & Consulting
  • Rachel Perry
    I really enjoyed your approach and delivery. I was admittedly skeptical because I previously worked in EEO/Diversity for over 25-years and thought it was going to be another diversity-based webinar; it turned out to be the opposite (in a good way)!. You were able to connect with everyone and provide a safe space for sharing. You approached everything with an open-heart and that created trust among participants and most important- you made sure everyone was included. Your webinar and unique style of delivery was a breath of fresh air for me. I told my 3 kids (18, 26, & 27) and my dad and we are all fans of your coaching :)
    Rachel Perry
  • Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
    You are doing such amazing work. Just want to say thanks for being so damn brave.
  • Bernadette
    I know this is a community of contributors, but my god, you're doing some priceless, badass leading and I am grateful for all your efforts. Thank you. xoxo
  • Laura
    Taking the Anti-Racism for Women Entrepreneurs course continued to make huge impacts for me even after each class! The amount of confidence I feel now that I know basic terminology and history has helped me stand up for others whether its a conversation with my family members or a business meeting. I know I can call out racist comments and have historical information to back it up. I'm no longer afraid of offending, instead I feel completely empowered to do more for social justice in the way I talk with my kids, interact in my community, work with my clients and point out inequality and racism.
  • Ella
    I'm thankful for your presence and the process of becoming more immediately awakened to the INTERNALIZED institutional racism that pervades our culture. every day I wake up and try to pay attention, learn, listen and act. It is so much better to come down off the cross, acknowledge our mistakes, growth, and changes. Retreating into a defensive posture creates nothing but more anger, fear, and brittleness.
  • Lisa
    These are extremely important discussions to have and thank you for being here and doing the work you do. We are stronger, not only when we unite, but when we listen to each other and learn from one another through our experiences.
  • Jennifer
    You are an amazing and powerful force for change and healing!
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